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We are leading import/exporter and domestic wholesaler of Freshwater & Marine Ornamental Fish, Wild Tropical Fish, Invertebrates and Aquarium Plants, Aquarium Fish Food, Aquarium accessories from India.

We have alliance of freshwater Ornamental fish breeding farm all parts of India and native wild tropical fish collector also ensure our clients all over 500 species different kind Ornamental fish to ship the direct from the source. We have most advance fish quarantined facility in our country. We export only high quality all of ornamental tropical fish and aquatic plants to our customers in USA, Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Asia and 16 years we also supplied over 400 domestic companies. We follow strict guidelines of bio security standards and rules, assuring the best quality products. We have the best process to control the quality of all products before ship to our customer. grading, quarantine, packing, delivery. Our price can competitive in business B2B and B2C.

Our another divisions importing quality aquarium air pump, air blower, filter, heater, glass aquarium, aquarium ornaments, accessories and fish foods from leading manufacturers around the world and distributing them all over India. We have covered all aspects of aquarium related products and solely distribute products from world renowned companies such as Azoo (Taiwan), JAD (China), Dimei (China), Wuhan Nature (China), A&P (Malaysia) etc.

If you have some experience not good from other export company or supplier, please feel free to contact us, we hope to serve all Ornamental fish importers or aquarium fish business guy soon.

We promise
  • Excellent personal service for each and every one of our clients.
  • Full support for our clients in their day to day needs in an ever changing trade.
  • Exceptional standards of service, performance and productivity.

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