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wholesale exporter of ornamental freshwater fish
World-wide export of live tropical freshwater fish and Invertebrates

Modern Pet Centre is a Kolkata city based Indian exporter/importer, supplying freshwater ornamental fish, marine fish, invertebrates and aquatic plants to the Ornamental Fish Industry. Our company has been fully focused and involved in International exports/import business only.

For the past 22 years since our founding in 1998, we have emerged as India’s leading supplier of tropical fish, exporting nature’s most beautiful aquarium fish to customers in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and USA.

Quality livestock and premium service at reasonable price

Modern Pet Centre is well-known by worldwide customers for our quality livestock along with our before and after sales support. Our dedication and commitment to provide a premium service at a reasonable price has been appreciated by our customers and this has been the reason for them to always come back to us. Apart from the healthy and best quality fish, customers can also expect, from us, prompt replies throughout the service – from the time order has been made to delivery.

Large variety of fishes and plants catering to customers’ choice

We are one of leading exporter in Indian wild tropical fish collections, quarantine, conditioning, breeding, farming and distribution of ornamental fishes. In addition to supplying popular livebearers such as platy, molly, swordtails, guppies, angels, gouramis, goldfish, Koi, cichlids, tetra, Barbs, Betta and Catfish from our Indian breeders, customers can avail themselves to many other imported rare and exotic species from Asia and other countries. We wholesale close to 1000 species of tropical ornamental freshwater and saltwater fish originating from Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Congo, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Hawaii and Australia. By importing directly from us, customers enjoy the convenience of dealing with only one major supplier whom they are assured of the quality consistently.

Minimal customers’ loss with healthy fishes and low DOA

Our facility is located only 5 kms from Kolkata International airport enabling speedy and convenient supply to major international destinations with minimum stress. We use modern technology in packing method maintaining a low ‘dead on arrival’ (DOA) is of top most priority to us. We proud to be amongst the few exporters in India, with DOA of less than 3% in every shipment. We are always looking to improve the arrival conditions, hence experimental packing is being conducted regularly, as well as the professional packing before shipping.


We expanded into the domestic wholesale distribution with a wide range of ornamental fish and aquarium accessories. We have work with over 500 hundred fish shopkeeper in India.


We developed most advance fish quarantine facility. Sickly control Bio-secure each fish before export. Freshwater tropical originate mainly from farms within India, but we also import from countries within Asia, Africa, Caribbean, South America, Hawaii then stock, quarantine & re-export aboard and domestic wholesale distribution.


Respective Indian Government (MPEDA) certifies us as an ornamental fish export (registered no. WB1/OF/157/08). We export our ornamental fishes and fish food worldwide including all over Asia, Middle East, Europe, and USA etc.


We are alliance of freshwater Ornamental fish breeding farm all parts of India and native wild tropical fish collector also ensure our clients all over 1000 species different kind Ornamental fish to ship the direct from the source.


Our company member of Ornamental Fish International (OFI).


Our Group organization MPC Fish Farm Trading is an established Importer and Wholesaler of Pet Food & Aquarium Accessories, and also distributor for AZOO, BOYU, JAD, SUNSUN, SHANDA etc. brand in India.


We lunch in-house brands of aquarium fish and pet animal feed under the name “AKIRA”. Currently generates 35 percent of its total annual revenues from export sales, to destination countries in Asia and Middle East.


We nominated highest ornamental fish exporter award from India.


Obtained ISO Certificate 9001-2008. (Quality Management System).


We achieve Best Made In India Award in Pets Zoo International 2016.


M/S MODERN PET CENTRE takes pride in practicing strict methods of quality control. Our fish farm stocks large quantities and varieties of the best local and imported ornamental fish. To ensure that this quality is maintained upon delivery, we first quarantine the fish for a period of time, then fish are sorted according to specifications and carefully packed into special plastic bag with oxygen filled, all special plastic bags are then securely placed into a form box sealed with corrugated carton box. You can be assured of our good quality that's where our excellence reputation gained being one of the best importers and exporters and domestic wholesaler of freshwater tropical fish and marine fish.

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